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The war in Afghanistan became the topic of different discussions. According to the official version, it has started after the events of the 11th of September. Early in the morning, this day, the terrorists hijacked four Boeing passenger planes within an hour. The nineteen terrorists, all Arabs, were armed with box cutters. They took control over the jets and altered the course towards the targets in the heart of New York and Washington. Two Boeings were deliberately aimed at the Twin Towers, as a result of which the flame started inside of the buildings, and it melted the supporting steel structure, which caused the complete destruction of buildings. The responsibility laid on the Muslim organization Al-Qaid, lead by Osama Ben Laden. The reason for the war in Afghanistan was the Taliban`s protectorate of Osama Ben Laden. The war has started from the U.S. operation under the name “Enduring Freedom” (Chandrasekaran, 2009). It has already caused a death of 2,500 NATO soldiers and more than 15 000 peaceful citizens. According to the non-official versions, the particular war has named “The war without the end”, as, nevertheless, Osama Ben Laden is dead, and the troops are still on the Afghanistan territory. The main question is: whether the troops should stay in the country or not (Schmitt, 2010).

Let us evaluate the first option: the troops should stay in the country. The major reason for this is that Al-Qaida can strike again. Everyone is aware that until the international troops are in Afghanistan, its government will maintain order and law inside the country itself. In addition, everyone understands that Ben Laden’s death had not killed the whole Al-Qaida organization. It consists of many people. If they could have organized the act of terrorism in the U.S., it can be assumed that they are powerful enough without their leader, to organize the similar event elsewhere. Al-Qaida can rebel at any time.

It is obvious that Al-Qaida consist of people fighting not for money, but for the idea. In accordance with the official version of the events of the 11th of September, the nineteen terrorists hijacked four Boeings. These actions demonstrated that Arabs are ready to sacrifice their lives for what they believe to be the right cause (freedom of the Arab people from the constant interference of America and the brutal aggression of Israel), although it would have been difficult to find such a number of them for one mission. In addition, it is difficult to explain where Arabs, who also knew how to operate Boeing 757 and Boeing 767, were found (Chandrasekaran, 2009). All these facts prove that Al-Qaida group is very powerful. What is more, judging from the above mentioned facts, not only due to Osama Ben Laden’s leadership, but the other peoples` support the act of terrorism had happened. The death of one, even very powerful person, will not prevent the existence of the group, which is fighting for the idea. The thing is that Osama Ben Laden is dead; however, Al-Qaida is still alive. No one knows when it can rebel again. Maybe, Al-Qaida will revenge for Osama Ben Laden death, or continue its acts of terrorism (Roggi, 2009).

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Al-Qaida was founded by Osama Ben Laden in 1988. Since that time, from a tiny organization it has grown to the big union of the Muslim people, who has supported the common idea. Thousands of people have been trained; therefore, Al-Qaida cannot be destroyed within one night. The troops are necessary in the country, as Al-Qaida will not be able to prepare another act of terrorism (Schmitt, 2010).

However, the other option is reasonable: we should pull our troops from Afghanistan. There are several reasons for this. First of all, the Afghan people do not want any other military forces to stay in their country. Their hostility leads to unpredictable consequences and situations, when the citizens are fighting against the troops (Roggi, 2009). Thus, many our soldiers have been killed. The other thing is that Afghan people will never accept the Western type of democracy. It is very hard due to the religious issues and historical background. The international troops, living in the country, impose their life style, which Afghan people do not like. Furthermore, not only the amount of killed soldiers, but the amount of money spent is big. According to the official statistics, the whole war has already cost 1, 3 trillion USA dollars. However, the non-official sources claim that the real cost is at least twice bigger (Chivers, 2010).

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The third option is to give Afghanistan the chance to control its internal situation without the use of international troops. As soon as some challenging situation appears, the international troop will be returned. Thus, the international troops have been living in Afghanistan for a long time. Al-Qaida, as well as the Afghan people, has already seen how serious the particular issue is treated. It is obvious out of the number of killed people, and time, money, and efforts spent. It is clear that Al-Qaida, even in case of revenge, will not do any attempts in the future few years. It cannot but mentioned that no one is assured that the group will not commit any crimes; however, it is the most logical assumption. Thus, one international division should be present in the country just to observe the situation.

To make the long story short, the best solution with the troops in Afghanistan for both the Afghan people and international troops is to pull out the USA troops from the country. However, no one is sure whether Al-Qaida will rebel or not. Today, numbers of soldiers are dying every day. The war has already taken much more people, than the September act of terrorism. The thing is that September events have taken the lives at once, but the war is the proceeding process. In addition, the possible threat from Al-Qaida will be present always, but it does not mean that the war should last, as well. That is why out of the three options the best one is the second: pull out our troops. 

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