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Linda Brown was denied an opportunity to register in a school near her home in Topeka, Kansas, on the basis of her race. The board of education maintained separate schools for whites and non-whites. Linda’s parents sued the board to compel it to register their daughter in the nearby school for whites. This case was a consolidation of various cases from Delaware, Kansas, Virginia and South Carolina. Many black children contested through their legal representatives to be granted the opportunity to study in public schools that allowed racial segregation (Patterson 7). Brown argued that the requirement for ‘separate but equal’ was unconstitutional since it violated the Fourteenth Amendment’s clause on Equal Protection. The Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of the plaintiff.

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The chief justice argued that separation of children on the basis of their race was psychologically hurting and could result in permanent psychological problems to the children in the society. This decision reversed the 1896 legal framework, established by the court in the Plessy v. Ferguson, ruling in which the doctrine of “separate but equal” originated. This decision was important because it marked the beginning of social and political revolution in America. Moreover, the case ruling formed the basis of the abolition of school segregation. It is argued that the decision was foundation of the social justice movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Furthermore, the decision is famed for having enabled full realization of the Fourteenth Amendment’s spirit.

The decision formed the basis for Americans to attain the ideals of democracy. It removed the legal imposition on the people of the color that kept them in an inferior position. The case is said to have been the basis of uniting Americans and integrating black population into American politics. Thus, the decision impacted on the politics and social relations between the whites and blacks in America. It laid foundation for inclusion of blacks in the American politics.

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