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The United States intelligence community currently comprises of 17 security agencies and executive branch organizations that work collaboratively and independently in gathering, recording and following up intelligence information necessary for foreign matters and national based security relations. The primary function of the US intelligence community is to collect adequate information before disseminating it to the president, security officers and other law policy makers about security of all American people. To mention a few, the community involves; air force intelligence, army coast guard, defense, department of energy, departments of state, treasury, drug enforcement, marine corps, federal bureau of investigation(FBI),national geospatial, navy, office of the national intelligence, national reconnaissance agency, homeland security and lastly national security agency intelligence departments. Currently all these departments are required by the president to collect information regarding; narcotic activities, international terrorists, and other hostile activities by foreign powers for example Iran and North  Korea on organization, agents and all people  in United States. At some occasion, the agencies can be ordered by the president to carry out special warfare activities as a move to protest the U.S security rights against foreign based threats.

In addition to U. S intelligence community structure discussed above, the paper also looks at the effectiveness of the intelligence community before discussing briefly some of the changes that should be made to improve their functions. Lastly, we shall provide conclusion remarks about the intelligence community to the American people.


The effective of U.S intelligence community seemed to improve under the Obama administration when they captures and killed Osama Bin  Laden in 2nd may 2011 though it has not been fully positively commented by the united states diplomatics.FBI director, Mr. Mueller frankly admitted in April, 2012 that, the agencies failure on security matters was a greatly jeopardizing the life of most Americans given the rising terrorisms activities backed by Iran and other foreign powers rival to western countries and American powers. There are several reasons for ineffectiveness of the U.S intelligence community as a result of the September, 11, 2001, terror attack and May 2009 pre planned terror al-Qaida on some of the hotels.

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First, the ineffectiveness has been linked to most of the intelligence communities’ agencies being secretive, parochial and delinquent in sharing information with the public. Mueller, the FBI director revealed that the 2009 Christmas day  failure in bombing the northwest flight was just by the mercies of God as the information had not distributed to all the agencies and public hence this if not corrected might have a tragic effects in future.

Secondly, some of the Intelligence Reforms and Terrorism Prevention Acts (IRTPA) in 2004 have not been implemented due to unnecessary political reasons such as the creation of Information Sharing Environment (ISE) and office of the program manager for the intelligence departments. The politicians have been quoted to be insensitive on the matter making it hard for the information distribution less effective to the public. Thirdly, inadequate budget allocation for the department of defense has been mentioned to constrain the success of the war against terror and drug abuse.

Several reforms had been suggested in an attempt to improve the intelligence community’s operations. First, According to former CIA assist director, Charles Allen, the first solution to the problem is to increase information sharing through holding people concerned responsible. Secondly the community department should be adequately streamlined, staffs trained well and lastly decrease the data list of the terrors as its meaningless to have a list of a million terror suspects instead of concentrating on just a few dangerous one. Secondly, the Department of Defense must be adequately funded and necessary follow up made on its budgetary allocation so that the funds are not used to enhance bureaucracy.


According to most of the U.S security analysts such as Ray McGovern, the United States security matters cannot be left to one person or an office .Rather, it’s a collective duty for all Americans, thus effective distribution of information by the security agencies will see the country cut across its rival and excel on fight against terrorism.

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