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John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly, said: “Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind” (Kennedy). Not many people would argue with it, nevertheless, no measures are assumed to change anything. It seems like we live in a peaceful world of choices and opportunities but in reality everything is not that easy. Nowadays, there are a lot of issues, which cause the suffering of innocent people.

Of course, one may disagree that the 9/11 accident goes back to 1979, when the USSR invaded Afghanistan, and one of the circumstances, which had a great influence on it was the mutual border. Afghanistan had gained a number of accomplishments since the beginning of 70-s, when the Afghan monarchy was overpowered by Daud Khan, who was interested in Soviet offers. The main problems of Afghanistan were about how it should be governed and whether it should be communist or not. The USSR wanted to overpower a pre-communist leader. Furthermore, the United States, who was their biggest foe and opponent, since they were engaged in the Cold War, was quite concerned about whether the USSR would successfully set up a communist government devoted to Moscow in Afghanistan. Thus, in order to prevent that probability, the United States began funding rebellious forces to oppose the Soviets.

Those US-funded Afghan rebels were called mujahideen, which means “strugglers” in Arabic. They were taking part in various political organizations, sponsored by different countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, as well as the United States. During the Afghan-Soviet war, they received enormous portions of power and money from those countries. After some time, a number of Arab Muslims became really interested in the deeds of those insurgents. They were fascinated with the courage, fury and the rough version of Islam the mujahideen practiced, which had a great connection with jihad.  The most known of those Arabs were Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al Zawahiri, who was the head of Egyptian Islamic Jihad organization.

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Basically, the connection between the 9/11 issue and the Afghan-Soviet war is Osama Bin Laden. At that time he lived in Pakistan and raised the Arab soldiers that would fight with the Afghan rebels. That was the beginning of Al Qaeda. In some years the mujahideen got rid of the Soviets in Afghanistan, and in 1992, they wrested control of the government in Kabul.

In 2001, the war in Afghanistan began, when the Afghan United Front and the armed forced of several countries launched Operation Enduring Freedom. The main goal of this operation was to demolish the Al Qaeda organization and to end its use of Afghanistan as a base. It followed by a couple of weeks of diplomatic efforts to have Osama Bin Laden, handed over by the Taliban government. Right after that, the Taliban was toppled, and Hamid Karzai got the power. There were several claims that because of that the brief war had been successful. Nevertheless, Taliban emerged in 2006 in force and started to use the suicide tactics, copied from the jiihadist groups somewhere in the region, which was one more step towards war. Nowadays, the war in Afghanistan is one of the most important current issues and unfortunately, it might influence the lives of many people for some more time. 

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