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The USA is a recognized leader in the development and production of UAVs. All the units in the field are carried in a backpack. UAVs are equipped with color, infrared high-resolution cameras that transmit the images in real time, and control effects with a portable console. The administration of U.S. President has begun to develop a plan for the transfer of secret operations to combat the use of UAVs from the jurisdiction of the CIA to the Pentagon.

According to the White House, devoting power to conduct such operations on the military will introduce the use of drones in the framework of international law. The program of the weapon use will be more transparent and accountable to the public. However, the source publication recognized that complete transparency in the use of drones cannot be gained as they are applied in the area of U.S. national security. The opponents of this step, namely the Obama administration, claim that coping with the program of using UAVs and transferring it into the hands of the military will have a negative impact on its effectiveness. On the other hand, human rights activists insist that this is not enough; this is still unclear whether the law will regulate the use of drones in the military or not. According to them, the program will be still too secret and remain outside of any public scrutiny. Overall, the program involves the gradual transfer of command of covert operations with the CIA drone to the Pentagon. In this case, the scouts will eventually supply data for any purpose to the military which can be attacked from the air. Due to the extensive use of armed drones, the U.S. managed to inflict significant casualties on the Islamists of all stripes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq and other countries. A lot of innocent civilians were killed as a result of air strikes, which caused anger of the governments and people of these countries, as well as of the human rights organizations. CIA began to use UAVs after the war in Afghanistan, in 2001. Since then, the secret program expanded, and its activities extended to other states.

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The president also said that drones were not used and will not be applied in the U.S. against American citizens. As it was reported, the Pentagon began to use drones and computer systems when the head of the Ministry of Panetta was appointed in 2011. Recently, the scandal was broken in the U.S. because of the secret directive on the use of UAVs. U.S. authorities have agreed to provide the document to the Congress that justifies the strikes headed by the unmanned U.S. citizens who cooperated with the terrorist groups. U.S. officials acknowledge the existence of a program according to which UAVs were used to kill individuals. At the same time, the document contains the legal justification of such policies. According to the released note, the murder by drones is legal in cases when the goal is to neutralize a "senior executive" of "al Qaeda" or other related organizations, when the detention of such person is impossible, and when the operation is approved by the members of American administration. There exists an armed conflict between the U.S. and the "Al-Qaeda"; thus, it allows U.S. authorities to act based on the fact that the suspects, even American citizens, do not have the same civil rights as in time of peace, including the right to judicial cases. According to opinion polls, American people support the use of UAVs.

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