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RDA, or known by its full name – Recommended Daily Allowance, represents the establishment of nutritional norms for planning and assessing dietary intake. The daily allowance norms are a hand of help for maintaining healthy lifestyle and nutrition. The healthy diet is very important for lowering the risk of illnesses and staying fit. Usually the healthy lifestyle involves consuming essential nutrition and water, as well as doing some sport activities. In order to be healthy and fit, a list of recommendations for nutrition and exercising is provided.

According to individualities of human organisms, caloric requirements for each person may vary. The average daily norm for female and male representatives of the 22-to-50 age group is 2450 kJ. The recommended intake ratio is 12-15% protein, 25-30% fat, and 55-60% carbohydrates. Breakfast should be the most calorie-rich food intake, which is the reason for the name of “The Big Breakfast”.

Three samples of proper nutrition, utilizing the rule of “The Big Breakfast”, are listed below.


1. A small piece of meat, one serving of rice, and salad (vegetables and olive oil), a cup of tea with lemon, 1fruit.

2. One serving of chicken with Parmesan, potatoes (boiled), green beans, a cup of tea with a piece of lemon, 1fruit.

3. Omelet (two eggs), a chunk of bread and a serving of green salad, a cup of herbal tea, 1 fruit.

Snack: Fruit or a handful of nuts.


1. Two grain toasts with a serving of lean fish, a serving of green salad without dressing, and a glass of mineral water with lemon.

2. A serving of brown rice with vegetables, a cup of mint tea, 1 fruit.

3. A serving of meat (boiled), salad, toast, glass of mineral water with lemon.

Snack: one serving of yogurt.


1. A serving of steamed vegetables with a toast, a glass of water with a piece of lemon.

2. One serving of tofu (150 g), a small fruit, a glass of water.

3. A serving of boiled fish and green salad, a toast, a glass of water with a piece of lemon.

It is important to lower animal fats in nutrition for the age group after 50. Chicken without skin can substitute for fat meat. Beef and pork are contraindicated. About 2/3 of a teaspoon of table salt is the daily norm.

People suffering from diabetes can also benefit from the proposed diet. All products containing sugar must be excluded. Cheese, cream, all kinds of sausages and fats (including fat meat and fat fish), grapes, raisins, bananas, figs, dates, and alcohol are not allowed as well.

Individuals suffering from hypertension should focus on fruits, especially bananas, fish, vegetables, especially potatoes, celery and garlic, and whole grains. Products containing fat, sugar, digestible carbohydrates should be reduced to minimum.

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Doctors recommend patients suffering from osteoporosis to consume calcium-rich foods such as dairy products, especially low-fat milk and yogurt, broccoli, cauliflower, salmon, and green leafy vegetables. Smoking, alcohol and caffeine in large quantities should be prevented.

Exercising is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Sport helps to reduce blood tension and anxiety for even chronically ill people. Often exercises are very easy to do at home and do not need special equipment. Chronically ill people can practice yoga for strengthening their muscles and body.

Through regular training, post-coronary patients greatly improved their condition after heart attack or surgery. The training program should be geared to match personal physical state and be approved by doctor. Recommended exercises for post-coronary patients include walking, jogging, and swimming (The new International Standard Medical & Health Encyclopedia).

The bedridden or sedentary elders have limited possibilities for exercising due to poor physical state. Recommendation for them would be to practice abdominal pulls, perform separate legs and arms pulls and stretches.

Sexual life of older people

It is well known that sex is essential to healthy lifestyle. With aging sexual life plays smaller role in everyday routine. Apart from general problems, older people suffer from health problems, which sometimes build an emotional barrier. Although sexuality plays a smaller role in the life of old people, many still want and need physical intimacy. Some of their difficulties can be solved with the help of a simple discussion.

Such general reasons of sexual problems will be covered during the seminar:

-  Illnesses, disabilities, and surgeries as a cause of sexual problems;

-  Influence of drugs/medicines on intimacy;

-  Emotional aspects;

-  Possible solutions of existing problems.

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Arthritis prevention

Arthritis is a very serious disease, which brings a lot of inconveniences to older people. Unfortunately, there is only a slight possibility that it can be prevented, but it is worth a try. Primary prevention is, of course, a healthy diet. People suffering from obesity are more susceptible to diseases. Alcohol consumption should be strictly limited, while smoking – completely avoided.

As a second step, one should consult with a doctor for therapy and medicine.

Tertiary prevention is to practice an exercise routine. Sport activities can help ease the pain and strengthen muscles around joints (Arthritis Foundation).

In order to gain physical health, one should follow easy instructions as healthy nutrition and physical exercises. Healthy lifestyle is a key to long, disease-free, and sexually satisfying life.

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