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China’s and Europe’s relationships dates back to the period of the Song Dynasty and crusade respectively. The former period is highlighted by the time after Tang and other following Dynasties and a time when China found its right religious and cultural integration to form an intact nation founded on those values. The European crusade on the other hand came at a time when the continent was making a rush into other continents in a quest to take over and gain resources. In this regard, China admired the European’s scientific expertise in mathematics and astronomy which they learned selectively owing to their political philosophy that heavily punctuated Confucianism; a concept that advocated for holding religious and social values in high regard. In this case, love for humanity was inculcated into the traditional China therefore creating harmony across the board.

Largely, the above mentioned philosophical doctrine meant that China meant that it was better placed in cultural stability and its maintenance. European thirst for exploration on the other hand was created by desire to amass wealth and gain access to important goods such as the famous Chinese made gun powder which they later used in their endeavors. In fact, the relationship between China and Europe was more or less instigated by the latter because of the nature of their operations. Unlike Europe, China did not seek military supporters and certainly were not looking for new converts into their way of life. This explains why they ended their expedition in the late early 1400s leaving the Europeans to carryon. Owing to the Chinese cultural ethnocentrism, they felt they did not need anything from the western nations. Consequently, those who had a need would to go them.  

In light of that, various direct and indirect exchanges were made between these countries. Direct exchanges could be seen by the trade between them where the Chinese inventions of paper making, gunpowder, compass and printing found their way to Europe. On the other hand, indirect culture erosion took place. How so? With Europe’s interaction with the East (China), religions such as Buddhism and Nestorianism which were not initially part and parcel of the Chinese culture. At the same time, cultural foods such as grapes and clovers hit the Chinese markets. Porcelains from the East also found their way to the western markets (NOVA).

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