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Today technology receives a harsh judgment as most people tend to weigh it against the net benefit that it brings rather than the fact of whether it is harmless or not. An example is the advantage that comes with using automobile which, without a doubt, outweighs the risks. This has made the society experience a hard time when it comes to the acceptance of the thriving new technology not because of the risk that it brings but due to the biased report of the media when talking about its benefits and shortcomings.

Genetically modified food is an example of emerging technology whose risks are highly emphasized by the media instead of giving details about its benefits. One benefit of using genetically modified food is the fact that it increases yield production. This is evident in the report that was given in 2010 by farmers; there was a 31million ton increase of corn crop in the world and 14 million tons increase of soybean crop. This would not be possible if the farmers did not use biotech crops. An increase in food production is directly proportional to income increase. According to the amazing results that the farmers got in the year 2010, there was an increase in their income by $ 14 billion. More than half of this money went to assist farmers of developing countries especially those who plant cotton that is insect resistant.

Another benefit of using genetically modified food is the savings that it brings to the farmers. Those farmers that have embraced planting genetically modified crops end up saving fuel and time. The short growing cycle means that machineries do less work, thus saving time and fuel in the long run for farmers. Farmers also have better health because these crops require little of no pesticide at all since they are pest resistant. The fact that farmers use less insecticide is a way of ensuring that they rarely fall ill. Farmers that are also beekeepers are losing fewer bees since less insecticide is used on the farms. The environment is benefiting due to the lesser spraying need. According to the report, farmers have reduced using pesticide thus saving up to 1000 billion tones of this substance. The use of genetically modified food also reduces carbon-dioxide emission.

Despite the benefit that comes with genetically modified crops, anti-Gm scientists have come up with a theory that the use of these crops may lead to cancer. The scientists took rat specimen and fed them with genetically modified food; in some time, tumor that causes cancer was found in these rats. The scientists concluded that these crops are dangerous to consume. The rats that the scientists used to test genetically modified food and the harm it causes also ended up dying prematurely. The tumors were found in the liver and the kidney which is an indication that the food is not easily broken down and absorbed in the body. Though this might be true, it is not the final diagnosis since generally, rats over two years are most likely to get tumor. Generally, more study should be carried on to come up with final conclusions.

To conclude, genetically modified food is beneficial not only to farmers, but also to the environment, plants, and animals. Thanks to genetically modified food, pollution caused by farmers has reduced significantly; moreover, there were less carbon emission that comes with the plaguing of the land. The savings that come with this type of food benefit the farmers and improve the economy of the countries that use it. Though there has been disagreement whether it is safe for human consumption or not, there are more pros than cons when speaaking about its use..

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