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Homicide is a term that is used to refer to a heinous criminal act that involves intentional killing of another human being. On the other hand, excusable or forgivable homicide involves the killing of a person but in contrast to homicide it does not quantify to murder as it is a result of some unavoidable circumstances. These unavoidable circumstances are what determine whether the killing is against the law of the country. Stated below are some examples of excusable homicides; a police officer carrying out his legal duty to serve and protect may unintentionally shoot and in the process kill a fleeing dangerous felon especially when the felon is armed or a by stander may be accidentally shot in the process, when a person is attacked by another, in self-defense accidentally he may kill the attacker, during war soldiers are allowed to kill their enemies and finally when during a licensed boxing competition one boxer is hit and accidentally dies. Hence from this few examples; it can be noted that, excusable homicide can be as a result of killing due to self- defense or by accident (Torcia, 1994).

A news agency known as ABC news reported an excusable homicide that happened in 2005. It was a fight that involved two individuals namely Martin Robless-Taylor and Anthony Makowski. The fight unfortunately led to the death of Anthony Makowski. The court did not find Taylor to be guilty of murder as the killing was as a result of self since the deceased was attacking him with a crude weapon mercilessly.  In this case if Taylor who had no intention of killing had not killed Makowski then he would have been the one dead. This shows that excusable homicide has immensely helped people who accidentally kill others as a result of self -defense (Horrigan, 1994).

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Certain issues affecting the society like rape are on the increase and hence there is a need for laws to protect the victims of rape if they are successful to overpower their attackers causing bodily harm that will contribute to their death. Also there is the need to protect law enforcers who may cause harm to civilians when pursuing criminals. Generally this will ensure that people who have valid and understandable reasons for killing other human are protected from being sentenced to serve time in prison (Rickaby, 1998).

However as a result of excusable homicide, there has been a rampant increase in the number of people who are being killed in this modern society as a result of self -defense. Due to this, some of the lawmakers think that there is the need to revise some of the laws that were enacted in the past so as to curb this prevailing problem. Also the use of excessive force on felons has been a source of debate over the recent past. This means that the laws that are put in place should serve to protect humanity. This is due to the fact that when the laws protect people who kill exceeding much then there will be an increase in the amount of killings as more and more people will kill with the hope of being forgiven their crimes. This claim can be supported by an excusable homicide that happen some years ago by a person named John Hinckley who attempted to assassinate the United States president Ronald Reagan just to please a girl and this resulted to a number of casualties. John was not charged with murder instead he was acquitted of all charges (William, 1999). Situations like this can motivate more people like john to kill so that when taken to court they will be viewed as legally insane and be acquitted of all charges.

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