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Race in the contemporary world is mostly viewed from the social point of view, rather than biological. There have been a lot of debates and disputes about racial problems in the United States of America since early colonial times till now. Racial differences and boundaries are of social origin. The problem of race has existed during the whole historical process in the United States as well as all over the world. It goes without saying that races make people different.

So, as the race is socially determined, it is considered to be a fundamental structure of society and its development. It should be noted that during history, the main historical dispute about racial differences has been held between the Whites and the Blacks. A lot of human problems have arisen from the racial approach to people. In the past, many races were viewed as distinct from others, and that hierarchy was supposed to be immutable and innate.

For centuries, the word “race” was associated with white and black skin. Even today, when thinking about racial differences among people has changed many scholars consider that a slave position of black people is still persistent. The discussions about the concept of race have been taken place over the whole period of human history. Considering race as a social structure, it is worth noting that people from different races have different social rights and privileges that are not equal. The complexity of the racial issue in U.S. society has been viewed even today, and this is one of the main national problems today. Though black people have gained their independence many years ago, many of them are still thinking that their rights are eliminated by white people.

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Thus, from the societal point of view, the race may be estimated as a fundamental structure of the nation. As far as the American nation is concerned, it consists of different people, who are from different cultures, backgrounds, and races. All of them are part of the majority and build up a nation. There is an opinion that all debates about racial inequality in the United States are artificial. Practically, all black people have equal rights with whites, which are protected by American law.  On the other hand, looking globally at the issue of race, it has become clear that people of the white race differ from other races. The point is, however, that the world is so diverse and it was developed during centuries. Thus, there are many stereotypes that are hard to be changed. Many poor countries in Africa, India and Latin America percept people from the white race as wealthy, healthy and smart.

Though, they never liked them because of that. In some cases, races and classes may be interchangeable. The line between them is always changing. Racial group membership shapes an individual opinion about races and their place there. From the above statement, it is obvious, therefore, that the concept of race is not new. Though during the whole process of human history the issue of race was constantly changing, this problem still exists. In some areas of the world, racial problems may be stronger in others – weaker. In those countries, where only one race is present, this is not an issue. In countries, which accept immigrants from all over the world, it may be a serious problem. All races and people, who have different skin colors want to be equal and protected in society.

Thus, race is not simply a four-letter word. This is a word that carries a long struggle for independence and equal rights. No other country has felt this problem like the United States of America.

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Attitude, Legislation, and Litigation Race and Sex: Stereotypes in America
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