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Reproduction is a fact of life, which means that every species must reproduce to survive. It is a law of the nature. However, when reproduction becomes too successful, overpopulation occurs. Nowadays, humanity perceives its huge population size as the norm. Most people believe that they can continue to increase it, claiming that it has no impact on the environment, flora and fauna, as well as on the life of a mankind. But the growth of the population means the expansion of land which is needed for agricultural and industrial development. People have never been able and are still unable to coexist safely with the environment. People are still only able to consume.  Growing number of people has more and more devastating effect on the natural environment, threatening with the complete destruction of ecological systems and the catastrophic loss of species diversity. The eradication of most animal species has started from the moment of elimination of forests, lakes and other places of their natural existence. Building of new roads and other activities of the humanity require ongoing deforestation and, as a result, massive destruction of forests’ inhabitants occurs. Clearing land for grazing also means massive destruction of predatory animals. The growth of carbon dioxide emissions from human activities increases global warming. As a result, the animals that live in the ice caps may soon lose their habitats and die in mass quantities. Overpopulation is the main disease of the modern world, which threatens not only animals but the mankind too.  We have limited natural resources, food and places for living, so more and more military conflicts appear. It means that eventually we will kill each other if we do not stop. Humanity cannot live comfortably and safe with such overpopulation. Since 1956, the world's population has doubled. And the number can reach up to 11 billion by 2050, which means that the situation will only get worse.

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