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On December 2, 2012, seven students congregated at the UC Berkeley’s Free Speech Movement café in order to join a bigger movement that keep opposing the auction of several prevalent Taiwanese media orifices. 48 years before that day, Mario Savio, an American human rights and political activist from Berkeley, appropriated an attitude for the free speech. The myth of this photography communicates the ideology of freedom of press. The picture was taken when there was a superior wave of protest all over Taiwan that was prompted by the auction of two main Taiwan print outlets and a great number of television networks to huge corporation.

The photography depicts the ideology of media freedom. The media outlets want to transform the living and inevitable ideology of discrimination to democracy and freedom. Different signs have been integrated in order to create the photography. Particularly to Taiwan are apprehensions concerning influences of the People in Republic of China over the Taiwan’s political life through state interests and corporate interests that are increasingly finding appearance via the mass broadcasters. 

The image, discussed in this paper, was widely dispersed on Facebook last December between Taiwanese users. Its myth converses the ideology of autonomy of the press. The picture was uploaded into a Facebook page that was called “What’s Next?” This was a page made by Youth Alliance of Media Monsters determined to incite public and raise awareness in order for them to oppose the sale of press outlets. This demonstration took place at UC Berkeley as a part of a superior wave of protest all over Taiwan that was prompted by the auction of two main Taiwan print outlets and a great number of television networks to huge corporation. The Apple Daily, which is one of the Taiwan’s chief popular newspapers is extensively acknowledged as one of the insufficient politically impartial news sources located in Taiwan and majority believe that, this sale can potentially introduce discrimination to the paper’s narratives.

As from the second half of the year 2012, a student-conducted complaint in Taiwan known as the anti-media monopoly association had campaigned against the matter of the media democracy and freedom. The objections were started by a succession of high-profile company media domination and the replies to these issues by the Taiwanese authority and media controller. The movement started using social media in order to spread its operation worldwide.

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The objections have been many times explicitly and frequently implicitly directed towards the famous Media Group Want Want China Times. However, they also incorporated a range of matters that were related more largely to freedom, nationalism, democracy, party politics as well as the responsibility of the nation. As is frequently the case in the media debates, the remonstrators have evoked a faultless public sphere, mainly supposedly empowered by the media free from corporates and political influences. Particularly to Taiwan are apprehensions concerning influences of the People in Republic of China over the Taiwan’s political life through state interests and corporate interests that are increasingly finding appearance via the mass broadcasters. To this degree, the protest movements can be understood as an activity of an activist explanation on cross-straits associations, Taiwanese uniqueness and Taiwan’s political imminent vis-à-vis landmass China.

Since these students in the indicated image are carrying their studies in a foreign country and therefore, cannot be physically in Taiwan, they exhibit their strong support for the association by photographing and holding their own protests. They are photographed together with two campaign posters pointing to express three issues: anti-Chinese interference, safeguarding press freedom and anti-media monopoly. These messages were conspicuously written in the Chinese language. They are part of the image and they function as a means of students to indicate what they stand for and what they are demanding. Because the relay is transcribed in Chinese, we can articulate that the image is targeted to be seen and used by people who are able to speak Chinese, especially people in the Taiwan. This image is quite effective, because it is taken out of Taiwan so that other students inside Taiwan can know and see they are not left alone in the battle.

The image was photographed in front of the Free Speech Movement Café and there stands a main reason why the students select this place to be the environment of the image. The Free Speech Movements was a student objection that occurred between the years 1964 to the year 1965 inside the University of California; Berkeley complained a restriction on on-campus political functions. It was commanded by numerous students that include Brian Turner, Mario Savio and others, who as well demanded for their right to speech freedom. This movement marks the paramount of the year 1960s campus students movement to make media headlines all entire the universe. There is no known better place to contest for press freedom than in UC Berkeley.

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There stand a lot of associations between this anti-media monopoly and the Free Speech Movement that is still on in Taiwan. Throughout the FSM, students were reinforced by the Berkeley ability, along with few public officials who established with students that, political activity must be accepted on all campus. Therefore, students in the Taiwan have assumed a prominent responsibility in the protests concerning the Following Media takeover as well they were also buoyed by many media experts and professors. With respect to Taipei Times, at minimum of 55 professors in 17 universities took part in the anti-media monopoly movements. Many have cautioned against the attentiveness of media influence in the powers of Tsai Eng-Meng, the opinionated pro-Chinese Want Want China Times Group Chairman.

It is important to pay mention to one more signifier, which is these students’ facial expression. From their faces, I see only anger and disappointment toward media, and moreover, the government. I went on to do some research on where the hatred come from and realized that just not long ago after the picture was taken, in late November, the Ministry of Education directed an email to the universities calling up them for “deepen their concerns and understanding” toward students intricate in the anti-media monopoly movements that included a good list of students protestors who were to be offered particular attention.

Mario Savio gave a famous speech at UC Berkeley 48 years ago addressing the importance of student’s right to free speech, “There is a time when the functioning of the machine proves to be so odious. This will of cause make you so sick at particularly at heart taking in mind that you cannot participate. You cannot even unreceptively take part and you have got to engage your bodies upon the apparatus and upon the levers, upon the wheels, upon all the components and you have got to create it stop. And you have got to show to the persons who manage it, to the persons who own it, that unless you are free, the machine will be stopped from working completely”. These Taiwanese students will fight for their freedom of speech and press no matter where they are.

The movement has encountered a characteristic rhythm throughout their struggle for media democracy and freedom. Working right at the grassroots, continuously evolving and being receptive to unfolding establishments in media outlets possession have proven the strength of the movement.

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