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What comes into your mind when the word “stereotype” is mentioned? Probably, a good number of people will rush into the conclusion of any form of the electronic device that produces sound. This is due to the usage of the word “stereo” by everyone in society. Nonetheless, how to answer the question: what stereotypes are in fact? To my basic knowledge, it seems to be a widely held, but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing, which is brought out by the manner one processes: for example, sexual, urban, race and political stereotypes.

Human beings tend to be picky, judgmental and irrational in their way of reasoning. While stereotypes are grouped or rather generalized, not all generalization is stereotypic; this may be just an over simplification of groups widely spread in societies. This has made many societies acquire their stereotypes due to how they carry out them. For instance, in our country, there may be stereotypes based on games watched by the particular group of people, a category of individuals doing a given kind of work, some people going to a certain learning institution and doing the same course.

Racialism is a main attribute to most societies for a long time; it has brought many stereotypes in both majorities and minorities. This has created a division in communities. Such race-based stereotype threatens to the racial divide of a community because it has brought about a lot of prejudice, hatred, which in turn has led to discrimination against ethnic groups. The major problem is the formation of racial groups that has not managed generalization to perpetrate this issue. In short, they are dehumanizing. To identify these stereotypes, there has to be a need to understand their relatedness on how the human race presents itself to society.    

The brief on a mutual form of stereotype stance is seen in example: women in their inability to recent on poor insufficient money issues will be ready to presume on every possible desperate move.  They may indulgence in sexual enhancement easily without agitation or denial nor sound mind that it will result in dreaded diseases. The most broach issue based mutually amongst the women in the streets is that they never care about their well-being, family, health and, mostly, what stereotypes are going to exist about them. This same point has accrued to both lesbianism and gayism that has brought about moral stereotypism.

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It is not easy to do business in a society based on many tribes which flourish; we have seen this ability among various ethnic groups and communities in the world. Certain society has proven acquirement of a good base in business historically; this is seen amongst some generations. They have continually brilliantly dominated in trade, thus bringing ethnic stereotypism. They have shown talent based on their particular field and flourished. In fact, their survival depends in them, eccentric doings and excel in their profession in question, i.e. they possess dexterous business ideas with cozy minds, therefore, the most spread stereotype in a business society.

The stereotypic prosaic through the culture of various societies has emerged immensely. The analyzed expressions have been quoted, rather stereotyped concerning their natural brevity. They are known to able converse eloquently and efficiently in English with many vocabularies seem complicated to anyone who has the command of language. This cultural group has proven to be doing things systematically, thus punctually. It has been said constantly that they have pursued bigger and difficult carriers in the field of education, mainly, in medicine and engineering courses, so bringing out their intelligent stereotype.

Stereotypes have both their good and bad sides; the lower degree, for example, has continually brought hatred. Subsequently, the viewed problem has brought the suggestion that a group of people has inherently proved having certain behaviors hence making bad assumptions towards the idea in question. It has also on the heightened tribalism, where different ethnic groups have always been given priority in various aspects: in trade, education, some games, such as athletics.

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On the higher side of the coin, it is said that stereotypes based on truth. Nevertheless, how valid is this statement through the acknowledgement of some cultural tribes well-known for their good and outstanding performance in various games and athletics? They have also built strong and desirable foundation in business, which is linked with an ethnic group, and countrywide. They, as well, have enhanced good ethnic history and attributes among the communities hence self-pride brought about cultural, social and economic history known to other societies. 

Before stereotyping, it is important to assess you or your society. Make comparison of the stereotypes of your personal character and the other person’s or group’s ones. It is surprising that the pointed images directed on other people can most likely apply to the perpetrator. Often the characters of people may be compared, but persons who stereotype will deny that the qualities of the other sexual orientation, racial group or society actually apply to them. That is why it is not import to judge specific individual other than a community, which are part of the society. The latter will always have humans who or whose ideas will never be silent and as long as there are different races and cultures, stereotypes will never go seize to exist.

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