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For many years, we receive information that unusual lights and aircrafts are spotted on our planet, and they are piloted by live beings. In recent years, there were a great amount of these posts. Some of them have a scientific explanation; others simply lead to impotence. These mysterious and unexplained aircrafts have been called an UFO. What is it? UFO stands for unidentified flying object. According to NASA, since 1947, more than a thousand landings on our planet have been recorded.

It is believed that even a small flying object, seen from Earth, most likely related to extraterrestrial beings or aliens. The term came from the British UFO - unidentified flying object, which successfully came into use in 1950-1955. We sometimes use the following synonyms: atmospheric anomaly - AAYA or else anomalous aerial - a space object, or short-AAO, however, these definitions are extremely rare; we use them only in scientific reports. The primary mass of scientists and people are used to call all the unusual and suspicious flying objects – UFO.

Many sightings of unidentified objects were seen throughout the history of mankind. A large number of UFO reports have been received from witnesses, many of them were those who did not actually see the UFO, but just wanted to get into the camera and learn some fame. In the era of missile and aviation development great interest in UFOs has spread. One of the first, who spoke of the existence of unidentified objects, was an American pilot Kenneth.

According to him, in June 1947, while he was flying near Mount Rainier National Park, which is located in Washington State, he observed nine strange flying objects. One of them was like a new moon with a small dome, protruding from the inside, and eight other objects were like flat disks, which also glistened in the sun. According to pilot, the objects were moving at a speed of over 2700 km/h. Arnold said that they look like an aircraft without a tail. He also said that the movement of the objects resembled a hydroplane, which raced along the waves or a saucer, which was floating on water. It was after the story of Kenneth, the term “flying saucer” appeared.

This publication was perceived skeptically. Various books and magazines on the topic of UFO began to appear.

Formal study of unidentified flying objects began in the mid-20th century. At this time, some countries have started to test new weapons and scientists have linked these unusual phenomena with this fact. In 1948, the Air Force of the United States began to gather information to find out whether an UFO was a flying air object. Engineers and scientists were brought to this work. The work continued until 1969, and was called the project “Blue Book.”

Some believe that the earliest UFO visits have extraterrestrial origin recorded on prehistoric cave paintings and petroglyphs. They depict strange shapes similar to humanoid helmets and other paraphernal, too complicated for the ancient world. Perhaps this is the first evidence of what would become a centuries-old mystery of the world, the answer to which will blow up the whole world. Since prehistoric drawings and the Roswell incident, reports of strange and unexplained objects became an informal historical culture. During the first week of 2012, reports of UFO activity came from all over the world. Numerous eyewitnesses saw and photographed strange flying objects.

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Were they ordinary weather balloons or some new type of aircraft, maybe it was some kind of astronomical device, whatever it was, with the advent of cameras and devices it has become easier to photograph and shoot these strange objects in the sky.

The center for Studies of UFO activity, located in Colorado, has received declarations from witnesses of UFO from 36 states only for the first week of this year.

For the entire January 2011, MUFON has received about 500 reports, while for the first week in January 2012 there were 233 observations of UFO activity. In December 2011 we had 810 observations, compared with 500 in December 2010. Last year we received an average of 6,000 claims of UFO sightings, and if it will continue, this year the figure will be 50% higher.

Many people around the world celebrated the New Year outside the house. In the U.S., where was a very mild weather for the majority of observations, which is the reason that many people were in the open air, which increased the level of observation of UFO activity. (Astrada, 2012)

Some organizations have stated that this is not UFO activity, but just meteorites or conventional aircraft, and some thought it were great Chinese lanterns, launched into the sky. Maybe so, because only 5% of all observations of strange flying objects cannot be explained and the remaining 95% are quite explainable.

UFO activity or objects similar to them, has recently increased in 2012.

A group of twinkling lights, cylindrical shape, was recorded on videotape over Brazil.

A month ago, the press reported that in several places the U.S., Europe, East and Russia, millions of people watched the strange balls of light moving across the sky.

Late last week, the UFO reappeared. Fast flying glowing yellow and orange balls have been seen in the U.S. and Europe almost simultaneously.

The first UFO-objects were noticed by the residents of Salt Lake City (Utah), and later they appeared in Poland, Greece and Slovakia.

Eyewitnesses reported that the appearance of a UFO in the region has been accompanied by heavy rain.

It should be noted that fragments of missiles and steps, as well as ball lightning are often mistaken as the UFO. So, at the end of 2011, people from Germany, Holland, France and Belgium watched videotaped unidentified flying objects for Christmas, which were actually just the fragments of the Russian carrier rocket.

A similar thing happened not long ago in Israel, Lebanon and Syria. There was a Russian missile test, which was considered a UFO.

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Recently, the UFOs were spotted over the state of Kentucky.

The eyewitness of those events told that on that evening she was in the bedroom upstairs, but she didn’t sleep, and her husband was at that time on the first floor, he was watching the 11-hour evening news on TV.

At 23.50 he went upstairs, going to lie down in the bedroom on the opposite side of the house.

Hearing the sound of a passing truck, the man went to the window and opened the curtains to see what was going on outside. As explained by the eyewitness, they live across the street from the park, and from time to time there are cases of vandalism.

Looking out of the window, he saw three orange balls on the roof of a neighboring house. They were on the same line, only one ball was located a little lower, and it looked like a triangle.

The balls were moving towards the house of the witnesses, they were at about 15 240 cm from the ground.

Standing in the yard and watching the glowing balls, the couple came to the unanimous conclusion that it obviously is not the lights of an airplane. These objects were moving slowly and soundlessly.

The balls marched over the backyard then over the surrounding houses and then they just vanished from sight.

The couple was shocked and frightened by what they saw. Back at the house, they could not sleep for a few hours.

It’s all questions to which there is no scientific answer. One thing is clear - the UFO phenomenon is likely to be one of the most difficult puzzles for the world of science and the mystery we have yet to solve.

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