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One of the greatest inventions of the 20th century was the mobile phone. Now, people cannot even imagine their lives without these devices. “There can be little doubt that the cell phone is one of the most rapidly diffused devices in history to technological innovation” (Bittman, Brown, and Wajcman 2009).

In some aspects of life, mobile phones give people a lot of benefits. The use of telephones makes our communication easier. It can provide people with a lot of functions, such as communicating with friends, playing games, listening to music, etc. Young people are especially obsessed with the mobile phones. They cannot live without these devices even a couple of minutes. Scientists prove that mobile phones have many negative effects on people’s health. Also, the frequent use of telephones can cause the lack of real life communication.

In the modern world, the telephones have all the necessary functions. People can spend hours talking over the telephone every day, but they do not understand what it may lead to. As a result, the long-term use of the mobile phones can cause headache, bad memory or serious diseases. The mobile telephones radiate the dangerous waves, which have a great influence on such organs as the heart or brain. These waves are very harmful. This makes an excessive use of the mobile phones rather damaging. In addition, heart diseases may develop in those people who keep the phone under the pillow when they sleep, since a close contact of the telephone and the body is also very dangerous. The frequent exploitation of the earphones damages the person’s ear and it can became the reason of the person’s deafness. Also, it can make them feel restless or sleepless at night.

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On the other hand, the telephones are very useful. Adam Gazzaley notes that “Despite concerns, mobile technology can be harnessed to improve our minds”. People can listen to the music, enjoy the films or read their favorite book any time they want. Nowadays, people regard the mobile phone as an indispensable to life. People use this device almost everywhere. People who talk over the phone while driving sometimes cause terrible accidents. It was noted that drivers who talk over the mobile phone forget to give a proper signal, and it may result in a car crash. So, people should not use mobile phones while driving.

Another disadvantage of the telephone use  is the need to buy phone cards every week or month. People may spend on it up to 600 dollars per year. Obviously, selling phone cards is rather beneficial to some companies, but it means additional expenses for ordinary people. One more problem is the use of phones in the public places. Some people talk over the phones too loud, especially in the public transport, library or restaurants, which disturbs other people (The American Association 2011). Sometimes, people’s personal life is influenced by the usage of the telephones. It is easy to send a message to another person, though there are also some troubles with doing it. The real problem appears when a person writes a message without proper punctuation, which can lead to misunderstanding. In the end, it can even destroy the relationships between people (Corbett 2009). People should be more careful with using mobiles.

Finally, mobile telephones have really become an inseparable part of modern life. These devices make the communication easier, faster and more comfortable. Nevertheless, the use of telephones can cause many personal problems, car accidents, some problems in public places and different misunderstandings. Therefore, people should be careful with the phones and use them appropriately in order not to disturb a personal space of other people.

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