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Women are still consider a weaker sex and should always abide by the demands of   the society. Conventionally women are still accorded the feminine role and this defines their social role. In the society from time immemorial. In the societal ethical and social concepts, a woman remains subordinate in various issues in the society. In this respect, a good woman is economically subordinate to the male partners and takes up female roles irrespective of the current social changes in the society (Boserup 26).

The media have been at the forefront of pushing for gender equality exposing the economic oblivion in which women have always been sidelined making social and economic decisions. This has been the reason as to why women tend to face a lot of resistance from joining the competitive men dominated social issues like politics, which directly affects the economic decisions.

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The emerging social pressure arising from the global social, economic, and political realignment is responsible for the upsurge in the social ills. Women have particularly been used, as sex pets that are easily used in explicit sexual acts in the name of pornography. Women cannot escape this trap due to their economic empowerment leaving them at the mercy of the society and desires of men in particularly (Boserup 35). Men have a lot of power in all the aspects of life and massive authority, this makes women to depend on men for survival, and this exchange necessitates mutual benefits between the two in which women tend to take the demeaning roles as men go for sports.

Media violence is the case where people are exposing to destructive social issues like violent movies in which people develop wrong psychological orientation. The overriding application of technology in the world has shifted the mode of entertainment to sophisticated and easily acceptable modes that are attractive to the youth in particular due to its enticing content. The media uses he current filming technology like 3D which media uses to attract a mass of audience to the detriment of the society (Boserup 31). 

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