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The concept of the learning organization is based on the ability of an organization for a continuous, purposeful development. The term "learning organization" was first proposed by a known expert in the field of management and systems analysis P. Senge. Learning organization is an organization that is able to develop a strategy and their tactics depending on the state of the establishment and changes in the environment. The concept of learning organisation can also refer to the organization where employees are constantly expanding their capacity to create the results. Moreover, they are nurtured new and comprehensive model of thinking that has collective, free for creativity environment, where employees are constantly learning how to learn together. In terms of total quality management learning organization is an organization that continually improves its ability to train, adapt and change its culture (Senge, 2008).

Creating a learning organization involves the collective participation of the employees in the renewal of corporate knowledge, which on the one hand, has a good understanding of their place in the objectives and performance of the enterprise. On the other hand, are able to participate in the knowledge management process and continue to learn constantly. Education in the learning organization is not just the development of new knowledge, but their “production” in order to meet emerging challenges. There are a number of principles and technologies that form the basis of a learning organization (Jones, 2010). They involve such characteristics as improving personal skills, that means that people ameliorating their skills and seeking for new knowledge, not only because of the requirements of the environment and the circumstances, but also on their own initiative and on the basis of organizational demand for it.

Creating a common vision, this characteristic is based on the idea that the greatest success in achieving the overall objectives of the group is general clear picture of the desired future for  the organization, which would be well known and shared by all employees that not only improves the consistency of work, but also generates a sincere personal interest in its outcome.

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Group training involves the creation of a group of knowledge, that is, teaching people group interactions at the level of individual teams and the organization as a whole. Moreover, it can be carried out not only in the form of trainings and workshops, but also in the process of open dialogue, debate and exchange of experiences. Result of group learning is a synergistic effect, that means that people who are working together have more knowledge, experience and ideas, than each person has separately.

Identification of the prevailing mental models should be understood as implicit and unspoken, sometimes not even conscious representations, faith and believes of the people. These mental models can prevent people from learning since they are in conflict of actions. Analysis of the existing stereotypes and mental stamps is necessary for the successful implementation of change.

System thinking sums up all of the above, meaning the ability of a deep and comprehensive understanding of the cause-and-effect relationships and the relationship between the phenomena of the world of the learning organization concept.

In the learning organizations, a lot of attention is paying for motivation. For learning organizations it is important to encourage the employees in order to work with a certain attitude - initiative, that motivated the desire to seek improvements to the installation of professional development. An important feature of learning organizations is the ability to learn from their mistakes. This ability companies are willing to develop in their employees.

The process of creation learning organization is very long and hard because it is very time-consuming process that breaks performing stereotypes of the employees and builds up new ones that highly differ from the previous. Therefore in order to set the learning organization some tips for guideless can be used, such as creation of learning and flexible approach for strategy setting; employees of the company that is willing to use the concept of the learning organization, should take an active part in the development of strategy and tactics of the organization; information should be used in purpose to understand what is going to make the right decisions, and not as a basis for reward or punishment; accounting and control should be managed in the way that will contribute the development of the organization; internal exchange of services between departments should be build; it is also necessary to set flexible system of incentives in the organization that wants to become learning one; organisational structure should be build in order to motivate people for creativity, continuous learning and to give people opportunities for initiative implementation; continuous exchange of experiences with partners, customers should be set; managers should create the atmosphere in the organization that promotes learning; and the range of self-development opportunities for employees should be developed.

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Learning organization management has very important function. Leadership role in this company is highly different from the charismatic decision-making. The leader/manager is a designer, teacher and tutor. The performance of these roles require new skills: the ability to develop a shared vision, identify the dominant mental models and develop them, educate staff systems thinking. Therefore, leader in a learning organization is responsible for building the organization, whose members continually develop their ability to shape the future that creates learning organization phenomena.

Thus, learning organization is developed through the continuous improvement of all its employees. The most powerful leaders of the world have realized that only staff can lead to success throughout the organization. In this case, it is talked, not about motivation through the classical methods usage, but about the continuing improvement of employee’s individuality, his/her personal qualities. Education plays an important role but does not guarantee perfection of the individual and the transition to a learning organization. It promotes life filled with creativity, and not just the reaction to the event.

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