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Morality and science have always evolved side by side. Many scholars were often accused of violating the moral values; sometimes, they were even persecuted. Though, these charges did not always have the rational grounds. The science seems to detach from morality more and more. The level of inventions increases every year. One can assume that this fact affects the relationship between morality and science.

Different types of knowledge can serve for noble humane targets as well as for the barbaric goals. It depends on the fact who disposes the obtained results, who and for what reasons is engaged into the scientific activities, and what are the human’s moral values and social attitudes to science.

Analyzing the phenomenon of morality, it should be said that it is a form of social consciousness and public relations aimed at promoting individuality, equality of everybody in their quest for happy and prosperous life expressing the ideal of humanity and humanistic perspective of history. Morality regulates human behavior in all spheres: public life, work, politics, science, family, personal, inter-, cross-class, and international relations.

It is quite a natural question: “Are all the scientific inventions moral?” Is it humanistic when the experiments are held on animals, even if they are made for the benefit of mankind? Sometimes, a real science sacrifices some moral principles to achieve the better results, but the results are not always better. Let us remember the most unexpected invention in the mankind history – the nuclear bomb – and sort out whether it was humane or inhuman discovery. 

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The nuclear bomb was a product of a long chase for super weapon. It is politics that pushes to the military technological competition, which is a permanent tendency to address the emerging international problems through the threat or direct use.

On the one hand, it is a powerful deterrent; on the other one, it is the most effective instrument to strengthen peace and prevent armed conflicts between nations that possess these weapons. Since the first use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, 58 years passed. The world community came close to the realization that a nuclear war would inevitably lead to a global environmental disaster, which would make it impossible to continue the existence of mankind.

The legal mechanisms aimed to defuse tension and reduce conflict between nuclear powers have been creating for many years. For example, there were many agreements on the reduction of nuclear potential powers. Nevertheless, nuclear thinking of mankind is constantly evolving. An atomic bomb is either abused or praised for stabilizing properties. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that this kind of bomb has both stabilizing and non-stabilizing impact on international politics with a common background: these weapons have the ability to cause an unprecedented level of global disaster.

As it is with any event or invention, the creation of nuclear weapons has a history. When the radioactivity phenomenon was discovered, it became clear that a lot of energy is hidden inside an atom. Many scientists decided to study further this phenomenon. At the beginning of the World War II, this weapon was of special interest.  Regarding the historic periods, it is unlikely to find such a century in which there were no wars. Moreover, there were the times when the war did not stop hundreds of years. But one can hardly remember that several people were working on the destruction of the entire human race.

To conclude, it should be noted that this was done deliberately. Obviously, the atomic bomb does not have anything to do with the established moral principles. Moreover, this invention has turned the world upside, and hardly in a good way.

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