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Every society, great or small, encounters social problems. In some way, it is due to the fact that the members of any community have conflicts. It is impossible to avoid them, due to the fact that, “so many men so many opinions.” The list of social problems is extensive and may differ from area to area. The social issues affecting the societies of most countries include domestic violence, unemployment, pollution, poverty, racism, and many others. Review of some articles on those matters might help to elaborate the study.

Social problems can range from affecting certain parts of social order to affecting the world’s society. When speaking about global warming, it should be acknowledged that this problem causes unfavourable changes on the whole planet. In the article, considering this topic the author presumed that “global warming has become irreversible”. Therefore, he predicts the global collapse based on the research of the American Meteorological Society (AMS). The investigations of the AMS confirm the changes that appear in mountain glaciers, see level, ocean and land surface temperature. The AMS report emphasized: “Avoiding this future warming will require a large and rapid reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions”. I think the information of the article is exposed utterly pessimistic, for as the other sources and researches dispute the theory of the oncoming total collapse. Nevertheless, the devastating repercussions of human activities on the Earth are obvious. I think, each individual has to make his or her fair weight to solving the above mentioned problem. Whitaker(2012) mentioned Care2 as an environmental organisation suggesting “the ways for individuals to act on global warming.” It catches my interest and inspires for participating in it through online resources.

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Another social problem worth to be discussed is poverty in its different aspects. Thus, the article titled “Poverty, Position and Pride”of one online newspaper pays special attention to the shortage of people who live in suburbs and their initial reasons of being involuntary unemployed. The matter of the article is considerably interesting, as it touches upon not only the statistical information on poverty but also the psychological grounds of joblessness. We can see it on the example of one woman who had lost her higher-status job and “was very reluctant to look for anything less than a comparable position and salary”. People facing such problems cannot accept charity and public assistance either, while a strong feeling of class identity and pride impede help receiving. They cannot take a lesser in status job as well as become a welfare recipient herewith suffering a shame. Thus, the author comes to a rational conclusion that “it would be better if we were less proud all around”. I strongly agree with this opinion, considering the fact that there are people who do not have that type of choice. The article helps to understand that we should not care whatever other people think and set true priorities in lives.

I doubt that there is anyone who could be indifferent to the problem of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Mankind tries to find the ways of killing this disease. One of such methods is provided in the article “Homeopathy Treats AIDS” by Madeleine Innocent. I liked the article for its mission to give hope to the people having such a disease. It is commonly believed that AIDS destroys the immune system of patients. So, the aim of anti AIDS treatment course is to combine medical and homeopathic methods raising the immune resistance. The homeopathic treatment “helps the body to work as it should, and the body is able to when in robust health”. The author points the important peculiarity that the treatment of Africans with AIDS is more effective in comparison with their counterparts in wealthier parts of the world. Innocent (2011) presumes that it can be explained by the closeness of Africans to the natural energy of life and their “less suppressive treatment over generations.” The article sustained my convictions that the best way of keeping body resistant to illnesses is to avoid drugs consumption at slightest signs of disease. As Innocent emphasized, “Homeopathy is nature's perfect medicine”.

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The list of problems considered social ones includes a trouble of domestic violence.

This causes moral damage for victims while bringing them into subjection. Yvette Cooper, a shadow home secretary, tries to analyze the problem in her article “Missed Calls for Help: the Scandal of Domestic Violence.” Even if it's absolutely right that domestic abuse remains fairly at the top of the agenda, I think this article is somewhat over-simplistic in its analysis. The author points up the scales of the problem and passivity of forces on this subject. She emphasizes that “only the highest risk victims get systematic help”. Drawing attention to repeated incidents, the narrator does not debate on the reasons of submissive suffer of the affected party. Is this fair when the police or other state bodies pursue an offender even if the victim does not want it? That is an interesting dilemma to be discussed. However, the information about a global campaign One Billion Rising (1BR) is important and helpful for readers. The mission of the latter is “to end violence against women”. We need cultural changes and, through maintaining projects like 1BR, a great deal can be achieved. If I get to know a victim of family violence, I will certainly share information about the international campaign.

Single parenting is also one of the major challenges of the society. Elizabeth Wilkins, the editor of “Empowering Parents” publishing company, describes the ways of successful solo parenting in her feature material “Flying Solo: Six Ways to Soar as a Single Parent.” The article is great and I give thumbs up on it. Based upon works of one effective family therapist, Dr. Nelson, the author concisely writes about methods for raising kids when being a single parent. The words of wisdom say that “the most important thing is not the number of parents in the home, but the parenting”. The author offers to change own perception about single parenthood and not to focus on negativity of the status. The feeling of guilt for the dissolution of the marriage is inadmissible. Solving problems together, organizing family meetings with kids and sharing responsibilities might help in that matter. I think, this advice can make good use of it for any kind of family.

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