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In order to understand one’s present or foresee the possible future, it is essential to address the past. The United States of America has always been referred to as a nation of immigrants and, therefore, study of its history should begin with early African, Native American, and European civilizations.

Many centuries ago the continents were isolated and, prior to establishing contacts with each other, people who inhabited these territories developed in a form, each distinct from another. Their ways of life differed due to numerous factors including ideas of life, ethnic beliefs, religion, culture, views of things and values. It is a well-known fact that Columbus discovered America in 1492, although the continent had already been inhabited by Native Americans who had their own rich and unique culture. It also concerns the evolution of people in Africa, which is most widely accepted birthplace of the human race. Nevertheless, the history of modern America began with the convergence of these diverse nations.

Massive explorations during the Age of Discoveries have caused the blending of the world original cultures. Religious, political and economic changes in early modern Europe provoked people to look for new lands in order to seize these territories and acquire local valuable goods. Besides, the goal of conquering was to establish its rule and consolidate the country’s position on the international arena. The colonization was conducted along with the spreading of conqueror’s religion, and the religion was treated as the only true and correct. Furthermore, the trade between countries became the most powerful incentive to explore and invade new territories.

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The newly arisen connection between the Eastern and Western hemispheres affected almost every society on Earth. Columbus’ discovery launched the new era in human history.

Therefore, this period is referred to as the Columbian Exchange whereas an impressive intermingling and exchange of ideas between diverse cultures, and contacts among human races, representatives of flora and fauna and even diseases took place. This process still has a long-term impact on evolution of the planet and its inhabitants.

The creation of the modern world was initiated exactly at that time. The convergence of African, Native American, and European civilizations defined the beginning of history of the United States of America. The key to understanding the essence of the modern state of affairs lies in a thorough study of its roots. Centuries ago, people began to explore not only new lands but also cultures and views of others, learn to accept these differences, share their experiences and adopt others’ practices. However, this process lasts to this day.

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