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Business initiatives based on recycling are of great importance nowadays. Undoubtedly, the desire for making a profit taking to consideration current ecological problems is worth speaking favorably about such advertisement. Idea of advertising news web site by printing on coffee-cup sleeves headlines of hot news is very special.

Advantages of the campaign are obvious. Recycling of the printed coffee-cup sleeves is significant success in the enforcement of the principle of reliable entrepreneurial activities. Development of the technologies guarantees fast and easy Internet access to the necessary information. Lack of time is compensated by combination of two activities: drinking coffee and reading the hot themes. Abundance of news web sites makes a worrying inconvenience: what source to choose and how to filter data flow. Use of Twitter in the campaign eliminates these defects of virtual space. The option to subscribe for news offers access to important news anywhere even without drinking coffee. Nowadays it is very important to be well up on current events. 

Despite originality, there are several disadvantages. It is not so suitable to popularize coffee by printing on it taking to consideration global health problems. However, developers will change their strategy and analyze harm, which can be inflicted to the health of customers. Another important disadvantage concerns inconveniences in simultaneous drinking and reading hot news. Owing to small size of paper, on which headline is printed, sometimes it is difficult to understand the sense of article for the customer. However all these little disadvantages are present, advertisers succeeded in their occupation. Statistics prove that due to this advertisement traffic on the web site grew by 41%. There is no doubt to discuss success of Y&R Dubai campaign.

Despite all disadvantages, I will invest in this campaign. Results of the advertisement are amazing. Costs of printing materials are comparatively little, recycling process is necessary element of the advertising. Printed materials do not irritate customers and make them deflect their attention away from urgent problems. Summarizing all it up, it is worth mentioning that campaign for Gulf News is crowned with success.

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