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This is a group of people selected from among the teaching and the non teaching staff of the schools and some external professionals. These are people well informed with student matters and with interest to help students deal with the issues students experience as they interact with each other and their instructors.

The major role of these experts is to listen to students and advise appropriately or intervene where necessary in order to ensure students are not diverted from achieving their best in academics. This ensures that they grow to be people who can fit well in society and contribute their best in the welfare of society.

Provide all round-the-clock emergency telephone helpline. When students stay together with others or when they go home, there are issues of conflict which might arise among them or with their siblings or parents. The committee provides help to students around the clock through their toll free telephone number.

We listen-whatever your problem. Students are encouraged to be free in sharing matters of concern to them knowing that there is no new experience which others have not gone through. The committee keeps all information shared with their clients confidential.

The committee offers expert advice always available in any area of concern of students. The committee members are drawn from different fields in order to meet the diverse needs of students. The committee advises students on academic performance: how they can utilize their full potential to get best grades. Relationship issues, which arise out of student teachers or student-student or student-parent relationships.

The committee maintains an accurate and up to date database of special needs of students. Members of the committee also work closely with school administration to devise ways on helping students.

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