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Organization that Would Benefit From Research Used for Evaluation

The organization that will benefit from the research used for evaluation is MedStar Harbor Hospital. MedStar Harbor Hospital is a non-profit organization with 222 bed capacity acute care teaching facility which was established in 1903 by Dr. Harry Peterman. The organization is located in South Hanover Street in Baltimore, MD on the Patapsco River. The 222 bed teaching hospital offers about 30 specialties, which are provided by more than 1500 employees, many of whom are affiliated with the University of Maryland School of Medicine.  Evaluation research is ideal for MedStar Harbor Hospital as it seeks further accreditation of its medical teaching college from Accreditation Commission of Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) (Stein, Rice & Cutler, 2012).

Information to be Collected to Conduct the Research Used for Program Evaluation

When engaged in evaluation research, the investigator will consider a total corporate unit and the components that comprise it. Stein, Rice & Cutler (2012) say that information about program effectiveness, quality of service, productivity, organizational communication, cost-effectiveness, stated objectives and personnel practices are some of the information that will be collected. Particularly the program evaluation will focus on the entrance requirements for gaining admission to the medical school, the number of students in full time or part-time attendance (Stein, Rice & Cutler, 2012). The evaluation research will collect information including laboratory classrooms, lecture halls, medical and laboratory equipment.

Research Participants / Subjects Who Would Provide the Information

The research participants include a combined sample of 50 people from the organization. 55 % will be female while 45 % will be male. From this percentage, 10 % will be patients while 20 % will be students within MedStar Harbor Hospital College. The research participants also include 70 % of staff drawn from the hospital and medical college. The subjects therefore include all students who have taken medical lessons starting from January to June and patients who have been treated in the facility for the last month. 

Blankenship (2009) says that the staff members of MedStar Harbor Hospital College and hospital have more current knowledge about the need of the students and patients who are served by the facility. The additional benefit of using internal staff to conduct research in MedStar Harbor Hospital College is their year round availability as opposed to the one shot availability of the external agencies and patients (Blankenship, 2009).   

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Challenges of Assuring Respect for the Subjects, Beneficence, and Justice in Research

In the spirit of justice and commitment to collecting quality data, the researcher faces challenges of ensuring that he or she does not automatically exclude individuals from research because of age or health deficits (Miller, 2012). The second challenge, according to Mertens & Ginsberg (2009), is that it may take more time to recruit older persons and more creativity to collect data from them although the rewards will better reflect and respect the study population. The third ethical challenge includes selecting participants equitably and ensuring free and informed consent. Mertens & Ginsberg (2009) noted that in consultation with review boards, researchers have to determine whether consent safeguards such as anticipatory decision making mechanisms or prospective authorization is obtained.  

Respect for the subjects, beneficence, and justice includes a number of norms like study communication which results in the evaluation research conclusion. Miller (2012) noted that researchers bear responsibility for judging in case continued research participation poses excessive hazards of harm to certain subjects apparently because subjects do not make that determination for themselves. 

How to Assure Respect for the Subjects, Beneficence, and Justice in Research

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In case research subjects are vulnerable to a number of decisional defects, then soft paternalistic protections to protect them from exploitation without their lawful consent is needed (Miller, 2012). The principle of respect is focused on protecting the autonomy, with courtesy and respect for individuals as persons. Mertens & Ginsberg (2009) assert that respect for persons involves paying careful attention to their dignity. It also involves facilitating their autonomy while making decisions, enhancing voluntarism, avoiding coercion, as well as assuring privacy and confidentiality. To ensure beneficence, the researchers should offer protection for persons with diminished capacity and the maximization of benefits and minimization of risks for all participants (Mertens & Ginsberg, 2009). The principle of justice can be ensured by carefully considering procedures, as well as fair administration and distribution of costs and benefits among persons and groups.  

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