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Searching for professional legal brief writers you must be sure that their services will meet all your requirements and satisfy your needs. Our custom writing service employs only professionals in the field to ensure that the legal cases they will write are sure to correspond to the legal requirements and satisfy the most demanding customers.

Before buying a legal case brief, it may be useful to understand what a case brief is, how to write a legal brief, and how to structure it. This information will help you follow a particular quality of your writing as placing an order with us you should be able to assess the highest quality of the writing we will provide you with, and this is possible only if you know the basics of legal brief writing.

What Is a Case Brief?

A case brief is a formal document where a specific case is analyzed with the reference to facts, evidence, and legal cases. This is a detailed analysis of the situation, argumentation, and evaluation of the facts mentioned in the case. You should study each case and law in detail because the assessment of the cases and their application in the law trial is the main idea of writing a case brief. It is not only a summary of the case but a deep and detailed analysis of the applied laws.

Case Brief vs Research Paper

The main difference between a case brief and a research paper is the initial position. In a research paper, you are free to choose an idea you want to research and confirm it in the flow of your study. Moreover, conducting research you may not know about the final outcome of your research question.

In a case brief, you particularly know about the final decision; you know the resolution of a judge and your task is to present the argumentation of this resolution. In the research paper, you search for the ideas and the references to confirm them. In a case brief, you have to search for the confirmation of the already mentioned ideas as you have the facts and evidence presented in a court case.

Therefore, even though both a case brief and a research paper require substantial research of a problem, these two types of papers differ significantly. Still, these both types are formal papers that require a writer to present information in an academic tone following the selected citation style and formatting requirements.

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What Is a Purpose of a Case Brief?

A purpose of a case brief is to define the laws applied to the court cases and analyze how those laws are implemented in practice in an objective and rational way. Another purpose of a case brief is to summarize a court trial and to memorize it in a short time for learning and discussion purposes.

Moreover, a legal case brief allows identifying a judicial decision that may be used in the future as a precedent. One more purpose of a case brief is to help a student take a large case and shorten it to several pages only extracting the most important and valuable information. In other words, a collection of legal case briefs is a comprehensive summary of an area of law.

What Is a Structure of a Case Brief?

Structure Law Case Brief Properly

A case brief structure is presupposed by the elements, which should be included in a case. Thus, a case brief should include the following components:

  1. A title page and a citation of a case in focus.

You have to clearly indicate which case you are going to brief in your writing. You have to include the major facts from the case under analysis, the parties involved, and present the final decision including the laws that were used as the major argumentation of the conclusion. Remember to cite the case.

  1. The summary.

The summary should contain more detailed information regarding the case. You may include the cases, events, and evidence, which have led to the decision. Your task in this section is to summarize the main idea of the case giving the major facts that will help the audience understand the reasoning and argumentation of the court decision. This section will require references to the laws and other statements you will make in your writing. There is a range of questions that may help you complete this section faster and in a more grounded manner:

  • What brought the situation to the court?
  • What were the claims of the parties?
  • Why did they go to court? What prevented them to resolve the issue on the regular basis?
  • What laws were applied in the court?
  • What was the court decision?
  • What were the major issues in the court case?
  • What were the arguments of the parties?

By answering these questions and giving grounded and detailed responses you will be able to write a good and grounded summary.

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  1. The ruling.

This section should focus on the laws which led to the final decision of the court. Substantial references to the law are required here. Thus, you need to study the context and pay attention to all the details which were included in the case.

  1. Dissenting opinions.

In the process of case analysis, you are sure to notice some dissenting opinions. Describe them here presenting the details and the rationale. No need to go deep in detail; stick to the concise and logical manner of writing.

  1. Legal justification.

Almost every section requires legal justification and confirmation. As a result, you will have to cite laws heavily. Be passionate when searching for some laws, always question the rationale for citing this or another legal case as you cite not just to include a citation, but to support the statement by a particular legal case leading the reader to the grounded analysis of the final decision proving it being weighted and argumentative.

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  1. Conclusion and implications.

Since a case brief aims to help researchers and further lawyers in their professional careers, you need to indicate how this particular case may be used in the future. You are free to add some personal opinion about the situation. However, you need to remember that your personal opinion should also be supported ad justified by the law.

Tips for Writing a Legal Case Brief

How to Write a Case Brief Easily

  1. Study the case itself and search for some additional information related to the particular court trial. You should have a clear vision of the issue and even collect some outside opinion of the situation. It is essential to gather opinions from different angles and do not be stuck on one particular side.
  2. In the flow of the background research, you should make some notes as you will further use this information for citing the statements you will make in your writing. It is important to remember that a case brief is not a personal opinion but formal writing with adequate references. Facts, evidence, and numbers perfectly work in this case.
  3. Develop an outline with the major sections and even some ideas and events that will help you structure the information logically and include all the facts you want.
  4. When working on a case brief, it may be useful for you to transform the issue in focus to the question and answer it either yes or now. Such a strategy will help you develop your argumentation and logically present the statements you will use to support your writing.
  5. Do not think that a couple of hours search for the data is enough. A case brief is a substantial and very serious piece of writing. If you consider it as a simple essay or a research paper, you have a high chance to fail. A legal case brief requires substantial research on the topic, especially if you do not have experience in writing such cases. To the word, our custom writers have substantial experience in writing legal briefs. They have years of experience, and when they see a case for analysis, they already know what laws may be useful and how they may refer to them in writing. However, it does not mean that they do not conduct research. Each assignment you place with us is a unique task, and we conduct research particularly for your needs. Background knowledge and writing skills are a bonus our writers apply to complete your papers.
  6. Bear in mind the importance of the case you brief. When you understand why you are doing it and how your work will be praised, you will be able to deliver the message and complete the assignment with the specific purpose and of the expected quality.

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Legal Brief Writing Services

If you have checked the writing tips above, and you are not sure that you can complete such a complicated and time-consuming assignment yourself, our legal brief writing services are created to assist you. If you are a student of a law school, you should know how to prepare a legal brief because this task is one of the most frequently assigned papers for students in a law major. A case briefcase aims to prepare students to be proficient in a jurisdiction.

The popularity of this task is explained by the ability of students to demonstrate their theoretical and practical knowledge in law. Assigning brief case writing, teachers expect to evaluate students’ abilities in applying their knowledge in real-life situations. If this is your first year and you have no idea how to brief a case in law school writing classes, you may need some assistance. Our custom writing company is created to help you write a superior legal case brief.

You may check our recommendations of how to complete an outstanding brief or you may place an order and buy a unique paper written specifically for you. We are sure to apply all the specific legal terms and concepts your professors expect. It’s not a problem if you don’t have any experience in legal case brief writing; we are here to help you.

Those who turn for us with the request to write their case briefs have already received their papers and received high grades. We guarantee top quality of writing as our talented writers have experience not only in writing but majors in law that allows them to apply professional knowledge in writing such tasks.

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Write My Case Brief for Me

Write My Case Brief for Me

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