Privacy Policy

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who is interested in the online services we provide. Confidentiality of customer’s personal details is an important matter to us. Thus, our agency takes great steps not to let clients’ personal data be misused. Pay attention to the fact file presented below to know what information we gather and why.

We collect evidence about:

  • Our customers
  • Webpage guests.

Our software server records the following data:

  • Time when our website is browsed
  • Type of a server browser
  • Implemented operating system.

These details will not disturb customer’s privacy. The only purpose of gathering them is to improve the content of our online resource and present visitors with customized data. Under no circumstance will we disclose, sell, or present any information by gathering it in such a way.

Cookie Use

Our system records “cookie files” to create a website that is easy to browse. Therefore, we are able to monitor how often our webpage is accessed, how many users visit it, when it is surfed, etc.

Obtaining Personal Information

Our customers may be asked to indicate the contact details mentioned below:

  • Name
  • Customer’s email address
  • Client’s phone number.

When registering on our webpage, users should provide the data identified above. They will be used only in case it is necessary to specify the order details (for example, a client has not attached vital material for the assignment). That is why customers are thoroughly recommended to give correct contact information that will be used only to complete assignments appropriately. Customers’ contacts can be accessed only by our staff. We assure that clients’ personal information will not be shared, disclosed, or sent to anyone.

Financial Deals

Only secure payment methods are employed when carrying out financial transactions. In order not to become a victim of online cheaters, you should verify your identity when requested by our Financial Department.

Users’ Rights

Personal information stored in the client’s account can be amended, replaced, or deleted by the customer. Every client should contact our Support Representatives and inform about the changes that should be made.